TT86: Retired Pro Wes Hobson Covering Lots Of Things

Wes Hobson was one of the top triathletes of the 1990s.  He turned pro in 1990 and retired in 2001.  In his second year as a pro he was competing with and sometimes beating the Big Four: Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Scott Molina, and Mike Pigg.  During his career he was named Triathlete of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee, won 35 races, and was the first American to win an ITU World Cup Triathlon.  Wes Hobson

He talked about transitioning into the sport from collegiate swimming to racing with the fastest triathletes in the world.  Along the way he dealt with chronic fatigue and enduring a nine month period in 1997 in which he could barely train.  This was preceded by an 8 week period of high volume and an absurd amount of high intensity training.   In a period of 2-3  weeks he suddenly came out of it.  He got coaching from Joe Friel and was a contender to qualify for the US Olympic team in 2000 but missed out.

He retired in 2001 but since then has kept busy with many different business pursuits, including
a very successful career in real estate in Boulder.  He talks about that transition and how
continuously following his passion has led to success and fulfillment.


For Boulder area real estate contact Wes at or

Wes’ wife, Hayley, at for small business website, contact management, and more.


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