TT081: Joe Friel & His Newly Revamped Triathlete’s Training Bible


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Joe Friel returns to the show and discusses his revamped and just released Triathlete’s Training Bible.  This is the best selling triathlon book of all time, with roughly 300,000 books sold, and instead of just updating it he started from scratch and rewrote it.Triathlete's Training Bible

We talk about the major revamps to the book. In addition to that we covered a wide range of topics.  Near the end of the interview we talked about his career as he went from teacher to running store owner to triathlon store owner to coach to author.

Joe started his writing for the Fort Collins newspaper and his column ran every single week for 20 years from 1981 to 2001.  He did not like writing when he started and now he has a passion for it.  He wrote his first book, the Cyclist’s Training Bible, and thought it might sell a few hundred copies total.  It sold 1000 copies the first month and 5000 copies the second month and now he’s written 16 books.

Joe is always a good listen so don’t miss this episode.

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