TT072: Triathlon 2.0: Data Driven Performance Training w/Jim Vance

Coach Jim Vance joins the podcast as a repeat guest to talk about his new book, Triathlon 2.0: Data-Driven Performance Training.

Jim worked on this book for 4 years before it’s release in early 2016. It’s a detailed book for serious athletes willing to look at their training data and use it to improve.  Jim was a former professional triathlete and now, as a well known coach, he has become an expert in analyzing training data.    Triathlon 2.0

This book builds on concepts in Joe Friel’s Triathlete’s Training Bible and uses charts and graphs to show how to use and understand your data.

Even if you don’t use a power meter, and most experienced athletes should, you can still learn how to use data from your GPS unit to improve your running.

I feel confident in saying this will be one of the most useful books for serious triathletes.

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