TT044: A Running Discussion You’ll Want To Hear

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This interview was one of the most intriguing I’ve done.  We cover basic and technical running topics in a clearly explained format.  If your first run was last week, or you are an Ironman champion,  this episode has something for you. It’s also a good follow up to episode 43.

Cadence, Running Form, Shoes, & Barefoot Running

Dr. Thomas Hughes of Tri-Mechanics discusses his journey into the study of running form.  It all started when he decided to run barefoot one morning.

Thomas turned his attention away from practicing medicine toward studying running.  Topics we discuss include:

  • Barefoot running
  • Changes required before increasing your cadence
  • Running off the bike
  • Minimalist/zero drop/big toebox shoes
  • Run shoe cushioning
  • Using a metronome


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4 thoughts on “TT044: A Running Discussion You’ll Want To Hear

  1. Mandy

    In a more recent podcast (perhaps not all that recent) you asked for someone to leave a message if they tried the jumping drill Dr. Hughes talked about. I have tried it. I was amazed that it was exactly as he said, at a lower cadence you immediately start to feel your calves hurting and more of your foot landing on the floor. It was much more comfortable to jump at a higher cadence. It is starting to make small changes in what I notice and feel when I run (I’ve only been jumping for a couple days now). I am a low cadence runner, about 166-170 and now feel the difference between jumping and using the elastic energy and running where I’m using my calves and other muscles. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to run at a higher cadence comfortably.

  2. Lou Fogel

    You may want to add a link to

    Those are much closer to barefoot than the shoes you list in the links section. I remember a photo that Vivo Barefoot posted on their FB page of some of their employees out for a run in Xero Shoes! 🙂

    My humble $0.02


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