TT039: Training Progression With Ironman Boulder Champion Justin Daerr

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Ironman Boulder Champion Justin Daerr

It took Justin Daerr 29 attempts to win his first Ironman.  His victory came in his hometown of Boulder on August 3, 2014.  Justin’s progression has been slow and steady, backed by intelligent training and planning.

We talk about his progression and decisions that led him to become an Ironman champion.

Ironman Boulder Justin Daerr

Ironman Boulder Champ Justin Daerr

Justin shares lessons and tips that athletes of all levels will benefit from.

Highlights of our talk:

  • Ironman Boulder Result – 1st, 53:21 swim, 4:24 bike, 2:56 run, 8:20:26 final time
  • Justin prefers to swim in a sleeveless wetsuit over a sleeved wetsuit, and he says swims faster, even though sleeved wetsuits are proven faster.
  • He trains 22-25 hours/week during his bigger volume.
  • First Ironman was 12:55 at California in 2001.
  • He’s a partner in
  • He was coached early in his career by Joe Friel. His current coach is Cliff English.
  • During an intense, race prep, 5 hour ride he takes 2000 calories, similar to a race.  His source is gels and Powerbar drink. In less intense longer rides he uses some solid food.
  • For Ironman Boulder he took two 1200 calorie bottles on the bike.  His average intake was 533 calories/hour for the 4.5 hour ride. This is more than he would take in for a sea level race.  He believes an athlete burns a higher percentage of glycogen at altitude
  • He was drinking to thirst during the race
  • He will finish the season with Ironman Lake Tahoe (Sept 21) and Ironman Hawaii (October 11).

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