TT034: Half Ironman Pursuit Part 2

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Postrace Half Ironman Interview With Rodrigo

Rodrigo is back for a follow up interview after the Syracuse 70.3 Half Ironman.  Rodrigo was the guest in episode 33, an interview we did in early April, as he was preparing for this June 22, 2014 race.Rodrigo Finishing Syracuse 70.3

He finished in a time of 6:07:02. His swim time was 40 minutes, bike time  3:09, and run time 2:07.  His normal training week consisted of 3 swims, 2 bikes, and 3 runs.  In addition to training and working, he and his wife had a baby boy 3 weeks before the race.

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One thought on “TT034: Half Ironman Pursuit Part 2

  1. Jan


    Great episode. Love how genuine you are, and for all of us including Rodrigo that are in our mid life, with young kids and are trying to Race it is good to hear a Pro that we can identify with.

    Just wanted to comment on Rodrigo’s lower back pain. He menitoned that he always train in flat roads and the course was hilly. The fact that it went away after a few miles of running tells me that is very likely that the low back and hamstring pain was due to not being used to climbing. Even if you are the most efficient pedaler going uphill the tendency will be to recruit some of those lower back, glute muscles that you normally will not load while pedaling in the flat.

    Keep up the great show.



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