TT007: An Interview with Michael Folan of Infinit Nutrition and a Brief Discussion of Training Intensity

Episode 7 of the Triathlete Training podcast features an interview with Michael Folan of Infinit Nutrition ( Infinit offers custom made sports drinks which allow you to adjust the level of sweetness, sodium, protein, caffeine, calories, and electrolyte blend in your drink (see the image below).

Athletes from all types of endurance sports use Infinit, and Michael tells us that several Indy 500 drivers and the US Military use Infinit. Infinit is also starting to create special blends for cancer patients.

We cover several areas of race day nutrition. Michael believes that women need about 350 mgs of sodium for long distance racing, while men need about 400 mg. This is in addition to potassium, magnesiun, and calcium.

If you’re going to use protein in your drinks (more helpful for longer distance racing than short distance racing) Infinit recommends a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 12-1 of 15-1. A higher mix of protein might be less tolerable for digestion. A big benefit or protein in longer distance racing is that it will keep you from getting hungry.

Michael recommends 2 calories per pound of lean body weight on the bike during an Ironman. For a 160 pound male with 10% body fat (144 pounds lean body weight), that equates to 320 calories per hour. Some people do better with more calories. He suggest sticking with 80% of that number on the run.

Before the interview starts I give a brief discussion of how much intensity you should include in your training.

The Infinit Nutrition custom drink selector

The Infinit Nutrition custom drink selector

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