Triathlete Training Podcast Episode 4 with George Dallam Part 2: Pose Method, Nasal Breathing

Episode 4 features part two of my interview with George Dallam.

The two main topics are nasal breathing and Pose Method.  George did one of the first studies on the Pose Method at the US Olympic Training Center, and his views differ from those of previous guest Stephen McGregor.

It’s George’s belief that nasal breathing is better than mouth breathing for several reasons.  These include reduced likelihood of getting sick, less chance of exercise induced asthma, and your body will extract oxygen better.  He has only done preliminary research in this area, but he thinks it’s possible you may be able to do more work with less energy use while nasal breathing.  But if you want to give it a shot your body will take time to adapt.

Triathlete Training Podcast Episode 4


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