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TT033: Training Questions & Half Ironman Pursuit

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Half Ironman Training Questions

Rodrigo Chaves is the guest for this episode and we discuss several questions based around half ironman training.  Rodrigo lives in New Jersey and 2014 is his second season of racing triathlons. He’s competed in running races for the last 4 years and he’s been swimming for 8 years. He is training for the Syracuse Half Ironman 70.3 on June 22.  Rodrigo at Syracuse 70.3

Be sure to check out episode 34 for his post-race interview.

Here are his questions that we discussed in the interview:


1. What’s the common volume of training for a person on their second season training for their first half? I feel like my training compared to others might have too much volume. Here’s the breakdown: Continue reading

TT017: Nutrition Discussion with Bob Seebohar

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Bob Seebohar

I interview nutrition expert and dietician Bob Seebohar for a wide range of topics.  Bob has a wealth of experience working with triathletes, including traveling with and assisting the 2008 US Olympic triathlon team.

We discuss hydration, protein intake, sodium intake, sarcopenia, saturated fat, sugar and heart disease, blood sugar, fat burning, ironman nutrition, and more.   

Ironman Nutrition
A segment of the podcast was devoted to Ironman nutrition. Bob thinks a well trained fat burning athlete can eat 100-200 calories/hour on the bike or even less.  Bob’s caloric recommendations are on the lower end of the spectrum for Ironman fueling recommendations.  It works for athletes that are able to burn a lot of fat during the race.

Bob’s sodium recommendations during an Ironman:
For those with a low sodium diet – 500-800mg of sodium per hour.
For those with a higher sodium diet – 800-1200mg of sodium per hour.
To correctly determine your intake, look at the total mg of sodium (Na) on the label, not sodium chloride (NaCl).
Drink fluids according to thirst.

About Bob
Website – Fuel4mance.com
He is located in Denver and offers nutrition services and performance testing.
His books include Nutrition Periodization for Athletes and Metabolic Efficiency Training.

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