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TT084: Swim Total Immersion Founder Terry Laughlin

Terry Laughlin founded Total Immersion at age 29 while he was considering a change of career. He coached kids since age 21 but he had no experience coaching adults until he held his first camp in 1989. The camp was a success and also personally fulfilling for Terry.  A business was born.Terry Laughlin

Total Immersion led to his first book, also titled Total Immersion, camps, ebooks, and a fleet of Total Immersion certified coaches around the world.

We talk about his progression over the years, his favorite Olympic swimmer, Tim Ferris, his suggestions for new swimmers, his articles about financial risk, and a lot more.

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Alexander Popov on Youtube
Why You Should Stop Worrying About What Other People Think


TT057: Ironman Pacing & Swimming With Jim Vance

Coach Jim Vance returns to the show to discuss the results of a published study on pacing at Ironman Hawaii.  Jim also talks about his experience and experimentation as a high school swim coach where he successfully emphasizes dryland training, technique work, and lower volume. I also talk about my experience with Altra Shoes and my recent half marathon.



Ironman Hawaii Pacing Study



TT049: First time Ironman at Ironman Louisville

Michael Welk did his first Ironman in 2014 at Ironman Louisville at age 42. His previous experience included a couple sprint triathlons Ironman Louisville Resultsseveral years ago, and just one sprint triathlon in 2014 leading up to his Ironman.  We talk about his progress and experience from November 2013, when he signed up for the race, through race day.

He started training in late 2013 but was not progressing as hoped, so he hired a triathlon coach.  He also hired a swim coach in March. Early in 2014 he couldn’t swim more than 25 yards at a time.  His prep included just one century ride in advance of the Ironman.  His goal was to finish in 15 hours.

Also in this episode

  • I answer a listener question on base training
  • An update on blue light and it’s affect on sleep
  • An update on my use of zero drop Altra running shoes

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TT040: Swimming For Triathlon With Olympic Swimmer/Triathlete Sheila Taormina

Four-Time Olympian Sheila Taormina

Sheila Taormina was an Olympian in swimming (gold, 1996), triathlon (2000 & 2004) and equestrian (2008).  She’s stayed busy in retirement as a swim instructor, author, and speaker.

Sheila Taormina

Sheila Taormina

Her latest book, Swim Speed Strokes, was recently released. She has also authored Swim Speed Secrets and Swim Speed Workouts For Swimmers And Triathletes.


This is material from her latest book, posted at SwimSpeedSecrets.com:

Each of the four strokes—butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle—is represented in the photos on page 7 (below). Each photo captures the stroke during the catch phase of the pull. The arms you see in these photos are the arms of world-record holders swimming the stroke naturally. None of the photos were staged.

Can you match the photo with the stroke? Take a close look and really give this some thought. (The answers are located near the bottom of this page)

From "Swim Speed Strokes"

From “Swim Speed Strokes”






http://sheilat.com – Sheila’s website






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TT021: Questions From a First Year Triathlete

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Questions From a First Year Triathlete

I interview first year triathlete Randy Messman and answer his training questions.  Randy was one of the show’s listeners who responded to a request on the Triathlete Training Facebook page.  He is training for the TexasMan X-50 Tri in May with a distance of 1 mile swim/40 mile bike/9 mile run.  Messman became interested in triathlon after watching a Dick Hoyt video on Facebook.

His questions include:

How do I reduce decoupling of heart rate and pace? Randy runs at a very easy heart rate on the treadmill and finds his heart rate increases significantly yet the effort still feels easy and his pace doesn’t change.

How much speed should I expect to gain in my first year?

How do I determine LT using a field test?

Should I train in zones 4 and 5 if I’m racing for a longer event?

What is the minimum number of training sessions I need each week for each event?

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TT013: Swim Tips From Kevin Koskella

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The guest for this episode is Kevin Koskella from Triswimcoach.com, TriSwimPro.com, and the Tri Swim Coach podcast. Kevin offers advice to swimmers of all levels during this interview.

He offers 5 tips specifically for intermediate to advanced swimmers.

1. Take time to do sprints once per week
For example: 8X50, the first 25 yards are all out sprint, next 25 are easy to moderate, 15-20 seconds rest. Continue reading