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TT085: Running & Triathlon Stories I Habits I Lessons

Eric reviews his running career, including his time at Indiana University, and shares a few stories from his triathlon career.  He also talks about important habits for success and what advice he would give to himself at different stages of his career.15 Years of Training Logs

This episode is for my two-year old daughter and my three-year old son so that when they get older they will know more about their Dada.  Hopefully at least some of my listeners will also enjoy it.  

TT058: Questions From a Sixth Year Triathlete

Age group triathlete Erin Donovan is in her sixth year of racing and is preparing for a half ironman and the New York City Triathlon, an Olympic distance race.  I answer her questions and some of the topics covered include:

  • Following up a half with an Olympic distance triathlon a few weeks later
  • Heart rate training
  • Training around injury and sickness
  • Sleep
  • Running cadence
  • Structuring intensity and base
  • Strength training
  • Run workouts



TT057: Ironman Pacing & Swimming With Jim Vance

Coach Jim Vance returns to the show to discuss the results of a published study on pacing at Ironman Hawaii.  Jim also talks about his experience and experimentation as a high school swim coach where he successfully emphasizes dryland training, technique work, and lower volume. I also talk about my experience with Altra Shoes and my recent half marathon.



Ironman Hawaii Pacing Study



TT046: Running With Olympian Pete Pfitzinger

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Olympian, Exercise Physiologist, Author & Coach Pete Pfitzinger

Pete Pfitzinger joins the show for a conversation on running and his latest book, Faster Road Racing: 5k To Half Marathon.

Pete lives in New Zealand and works for High Performance Sport New Zealand, which oversees Olympic sports. Pete 4

Topics we discuss include:

  • variable pace tempo runs
  • short hill sprints
  • strides
  • weight training
  • plyometrics
  • cadence