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TT082: First Ironman, Husband & Wife Triathletes Balancing Triathlon & Family

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Elizabeth and Nate Sylves have been racing together as a couple for over a decade.  This year she did her first Ironman (Florida) and he did his first half ironman (North Carolina).  They combine training and racing with full time jobs while raising two young kids.

They started their season with the Duathlon National Championships in Bend, Oregon in June. Then Elizabeth did the Atlantic City 70.3 and in October Nate did Ironman North Carolina 70.3 and Elizabeth planned on doing Ironman North Carolina, but due to a hurricane that was changed to a shorter race.  That change was announced a few days before the race so she immediately bought a charity slot for Ironman Florida and raced that two weeks later.

In addition to working full time outside the home, Elizabeth coaches triathletes and teaches fitness classes.  Nate is a cameraman and works a non-standard schedule.  Because of their differing schedules and child care they are rarely able to train together.

Elizabeth once weighed 200 pounds but made significant lifestyle changes. A few years ago she changed to a fat-adapted diet due to health issues and has stuck with it.  her diet is 60% fat.  She recently did her half-ironman while consuming just 400 calories.

Have a listen and see how they make it work.