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TT033: Training Questions & Half Ironman Pursuit

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Half Ironman Training Questions

Rodrigo Chaves is the guest for this episode and we discuss several questions based around half ironman training.  Rodrigo lives in New Jersey and 2014 is his second season of racing triathlons. He’s competed in running races for the last 4 years and he’s been swimming for 8 years. He is training for the Syracuse Half Ironman 70.3 on June 22.  Rodrigo at Syracuse 70.3

Be sure to check out episode 34 for his post-race interview.

Here are his questions that we discussed in the interview:


1. What’s the common volume of training for a person on their second season training for their first half? I feel like my training compared to others might have too much volume. Here’s the breakdown: Continue reading

TT026: Training Questions – Run Intensity, Diet, Wetsuit, Crossfit, and More.

Training Questions

First year triathlete Ryan Lewis joins the show to ask his training questions.  Ryan is a 30 year old triathlete with 3 months of training under his belt and he is less than a month away from his first triathlon.

Topics covered include:

Crossfit and triathlon at the same time
Paleo diet and carb intake needed for training
Open water swimming prep and drills
Adding run intensity
Should he get a wetsuit?
Zero drop shoes
And more…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the information and equipment choices available to triathletes. Ryan wisely makes the choice to keep things simple during his first year in the sport.

Basic Drills & Skills For Open Water Swimming

1. Turn around before the wall – during a segment of your workout turn around without the help of the wall, either with or without a flip turn.

2. Learn bilateral breathing – learn to breathe to the left and to the right so you can make adjustments in the open water.  If you’re staring into the sunrise every time you breathe right, you’ll be thankful for the ability to breathe to the left.

3. Learn to draft – if you do all of your swimming on your own you won’t realize the benefits of drafting off swimmers in front of you. Just like cycling, you will save energy in the draft.  Practice swimming right behind your training partner.

4. Swim freestyle with your head out of the water for a full length.  Get used to being able to look forward while swimming.

5. Swim in the pool with your eyes close to learn which way you drift.

6. Practice open water swimming often so you feel comfortable.


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