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TT055: Triathlon Wisdom From Olympian Victor Plata & Bike Fitting/Aerodynamics With Retul and Specialized

Victor Plata, a 2004 triathlon Olympian for the United States, is the guest in the first half of this episode.  Victor retired in 2011 and we look back at his career, catch up with his post-triathlon life, and he provides wisdom for all triathletes.

Todd Carver of Retul and Scott Holtz of Specialized are the guests for the second half of the show.  Todd, also the guest on episode 10, is an expert bike fitter and founder of the bike fitting company Retul.  Scott is a former bike fitter and works for Specialized as the head of the Specialized Bicycle Component University and Dealer Education.

Specialized has been operating their own wind tunnel for a year, and we discuss some of the bike fit lessons that Scott and Todd have learned both in the tunnel and from many years of expertise in the field.


TT041: My Ninth Triathlon Is My First Half Ironman Part 1 of 2

Half Ironman Questions

Trish Roberts is preparing for her Ironman 70.3 in Augusta Georgia.  This interview was done 6 weeks before her race, and the next episode will be a post race interview.  She is a personal trainer and it was one of her clients that got her into the sport. She helped a client lose 100 pounds, and that client returned the favor by getting her into triathlons.

Topics include:

  • Goggle Fog
  • Wetsuit use sleevless/sleeved
  • How to pace the half marathon
  • Bike comfort
  • Hand numbness
  • Racing with Coke
  • Getting used to the long run
  • Breathing to the opposite side
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TT020: Interview with Coach Mat Steinmetz


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Mat Steinmetz

In 2012 Inside Triathlon named him as one of triathlon’s most influential people.   Boulder based coach Mat Steinmetz has worked with several top athletes as a coach, consultant, and/or bike fitter.  Those athletes include Ironman Hawaii winner Craig Alexander and Liz Blatchford. This year he performed the bike fits for the top 3 women at Ironman Hawaii.

Mat got his masters degree in exercise physiology from Ball State, and in 2009 he began working for bike fit company Retul in Boulder.  He no longer works for Retul but he continues to perform bike fits and coach athletes.

Mat Steinmetz

Mat Steinmetz

In this interview we talk about his work with Craig Alexander, Liz Blatchford, Ironman strategy, crank length, cadence, and more.

Mat’s coaching website: www.fiftyonespeedshop.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/matsteinmetz
Mat’s February 19-24 2014 Camp in Palm Springs, California


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TT010: Bike Fit Expert Todd Carver I Cramping I VO2 Max Cycling Intervals

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In this episode Todd Carver of Retul discusses common bike fit issues and trends in bike fits and equipment.  I also discuss cramping and VO2 Max cycling intervals

VO2 Max Bike Intervals
A good workout for 8-10 weeks before your goal race done 2-3 times.  Long warmup, then 6-10X1 mile fast, 3-4 minute recovery.  Do this on flat ground on a course you can repeat – the recovery is a ride back to the start, so you’ll be doing the same course every time.  If your time drops by more than 6% (11 seconds at 3:00 pace, and 7 seconds at 2:00 pace), quit the workout.  It takes some pacing practice, but the main goal is to just go hard.

Stick with the lower range of intervals unless you are experienced with a large base.  This is a stressful workout and a good recovery (nutrition and sleep) is imperative.

The cause of cramping is difficult to pinpoint and often misunderstood in general literature. Continue reading