TT061: Journey From Beginner Triathlete to Professional

Brad Williams is a first-year pro triathlete living in the UK.  He did his first triathlon in 2008 while serving in the Air Force in Korea. He was soon hooked. He hired a coach in 2011 and continued to progress with solid results. He earned his first prize money paycheck this year with a 6th place finish at Ironman UK.  This episode chronicles his journey from beginner to professional.


Brad’s Website


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TT060: Goal Setting & 10 Ironmans in 10 Days

Gerry Duffy has completed 10 ironman distance triathlons in 10 days and also run 32 marathons in 32 days.  He’s also an author and public speaker.  A listener of the show recommended him as a guest and I’m thrilled we were able to connect.

Before getting into endurance sports and public speaking he was a regular smoker who weighed an additional 50 pounds. He was also frightened of public speaking.
We discuss his 10 ironman experience and goal setting. He recommends something that has made a huge difference in my life.

Gerry’s Tedx Talk

TT059: Death Valley Expedition Run

Will Laughlin makes his second appearance on the show and details his attempt at running across Death Valley and 180 miles in 3.5 days, which would be 1 day faster than his previous record.

Several challenges came up during the journey as Will and his two running partners went for the record.

Check out episode 11 if you want to hear Will’s previous interview about his run across the Mojave desert.

TT058: Questions From a Sixth Year Triathlete

Age group triathlete Erin Donovan is in her sixth year of racing and is preparing for a half ironman and the New York City Triathlon, an Olympic distance race.  I answer her questions and some of the topics covered include:

  • Following up a half with an Olympic distance triathlon a few weeks later
  • Heart rate training
  • Training around injury and sickness
  • Sleep
  • Running cadence
  • Structuring intensity and base
  • Strength training
  • Run workouts



TT057: Ironman Pacing & Swimming With Jim Vance

Coach Jim Vance returns to the show to discuss the results of a published study on pacing at Ironman Hawaii.  Jim also talks about his experience and experimentation as a high school swim coach where he successfully emphasizes dryland training, technique work, and lower volume. I also talk about my experience with Altra Shoes and my recent half marathon.


Ironman Hawaii Pacing Study


TT056: Eric’s Ironman Triathlon Experiences

This episode is all me (Eric).  I go over my lessons learned from 4 Ironmans: Ironman Hawaii in 1999, 2001, and 2003 and Ironman Wisconsin in 2004.  My times ranged from 9:19 to 10:43.

I took detailed notes from a few of those races and I have current day thoughts on the mistakes I made.

If you’re looking for other Ironman focused episodes check out 15, 16, 31, 39, 45, 49, and 51.

TT055: Triathlon Wisdom From Olympian Victor Plata & Bike Fitting/Aerodynamics With Retul and Specialized

Victor Plata, a 2004 triathlon Olympian for the United States, is the guest in the first half of this episode.  Victor retired in 2011 and we look back at his career, catch up with his post-triathlon life, and he provides wisdom for all triathletes.

Todd Carver of Retul and Scott Holtz of Specialized are the guests for the second half of the show.  Todd, also the guest on episode 10, is an expert bike fitter and founder of the bike fitting company Retul.  Scott is a former bike fitter and works for Specialized as the head of the Specialized Bicycle Component University and Dealer Education.

Specialized has been operating their own wind tunnel for a year, and we discuss some of the bike fit lessons that Scott and Todd have learned both in the tunnel and from many years of expertise in the field.


TT054: Founder Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper used his computer to try and predict time trial splits during the 2013 Tour de France.  His first go at it produced some very accurate results.  That project turned into a business at

Cyclists using a power meter can use their power meter to help predict and guide race performance.  This is cutting edge stuff that continues to evolve.  If you race with a power meter this software should help you improve your performance.

TT053: Blood Test Results, Testosterone & First Time Triathlete

Garrett Rock On Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, and Testosterone

Garrett Rock, the guest from episode 23, talks about a specific blood test result a listener sent in.  The listener’s hemoglobin and hematocrit had dropped significantly in a short period of time. His training in the days leading up to test #1 was limited, and during the other tests his volume was in the 12-15 hour range.  Normal ranges for a male are 13.2-18 for hemoglobin and 38-54 for a male.

These test results are lower than normal and they indicate something has gone awry.  Items to look at include red blood cell indices, potential blood loss in the GI system or from ulcers.  The results could result from a simple deficiency in iron, folate, or B12 which could either be from lack of intake or an absorption problem.  Garrett explains how he would investigate further.

At the time of the interview we didn’t have the results of test #4, which showed a significant improvement.


Test #1

17 Days Since Test#1

28 Days Since Test#1

34 Days Since Test#1











We also talked briefly about testosterone, which is usually on the lower side for both male and female triathletes.

Garrett does blood testing for endurance athletes.  Check out

First Year Triathlete Hilary Spires

In November Hilary signed up for her first triathlon; a 70.3 event.  Then she signed up for Ironman Canada.  She just did an Olympic distance triathlon as her first ever triathlon.

To compete she had to overcome a knee injury that resulted from wearing away the cartilage in her knee.  She had micro-fracture surgery to grow it back, but the pain didn’t go away until she started foam-rolling her legs.  That was only a temporary fix as the pain came back as she did more running.

Based on what she heard in previous Triathlete Training podcast episodes she changed from heel striking to mid-foot striking and that immediately eliminated her knee pain and hip pain.  As a result her Ironman training is on track.


TT052: Ultraman Florida Triathlon Winner Billy Edwards

Billy Edwards has done many Ironmans and never finished slower than 10 hours.  He recently attempted his first ultra-distance triathlon, winning Ultraman Florida in a time of 23 hours and 17 minutes covering a span of 3 days, besting a field of 39 triathletes.  Ultraman Florida 2015 Results

Billy tells us what went right, what went wrong, and his plans to do Ultraman Hawaii.