T093: First Half Ironman w/Courtney Sergeant

Courtney Sergeant joins the show as she prepares for her first half ironman at Atlantic City 70.3. She did her first triathlon in 2014 and has marathon experience. Courtney Sergeant

Among the topics we discuss:

  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Salt tablets
  • Transition
  • Massages
  • Preparing for the run on limited run training
  • Post-race recovery
  • Pacing


TT092: Ultraman, Collegiate Recruiting, Random

Billy EdwardsBilly Edwards returns to the show to talk about his experiences since winning Ultraman Florida in 2015.  He completed the Ultraman World Championships later that year and has since cut back on his racing since having surgery on his toe.  However, he is busy in the sport as a coach of the Naval Academy collegiate triathlon team that finished third at the 2017 Collegiate National Championships.

He was one of a few coaches selected for USAT’s Elite Mentorship Coaching program and he recently observed a training camp for the collegiate recruiting program. We talk about all this and a few other random triathlon topics.

Billy was a guest on episode 52 talking about his Ultraman Florida experience.

Billy’s website is at http://billythekidtriathlete.com/

TT091: Sports Psychology: The Brave Athlete

The Brave Athlete is a new book by Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Patterson covering cutting-edge brain training for athletes.  Lesley is a professional triathlete and mountain biker. Her resume includes a few Xterra World Championships titles.

Dr. Simon Marshall is a former Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of California at San Diego and Professor of Exercise Science at San Diego State University.  He has published over 100 scientific articles on the psychology of exercise.  He now provides performance psychology support for the BMC Racing Team.

We talk about their new book, Lesley’s experiences, and mental tricks to improve performance.

You can reach them at BraveheartCoach.com



TT090: Pro Cyclist Phil Gaimon

Phil Gaimon was a pro cyclist from 2009 to 2016, including two years on the WorldTour with Garmin Sharp and Cannondale.  He’s done Paris Roubaix, won Redlands twice, and finished second at the Tour of the Gila.

He just retired last year, as he put it, after Jonathan vaughters stopped returning his phone Phil Gaimoncalls. Even though he’s retired he’s still going after hill climb records in North America. He’s also putting on Grand Fondo in Malibu in October and he is  the author of three books.

We talk about his life as a pro cyclist, doping in the sport, what it’s like to be in an early break at Paris Roubaix, peeing on the bike, cookies, and more.  You’ll like Phil’s stories.



Phil’s YouTube channel


TT089: Aspiring Pro Triathlete/Former Motocross Racer Justin Mendoza

Justin Mendoza didn’t know much about triathlon until he saw Craig Alexander’s 50 minute Aussies Abroad video on Youtube.  Then he knew he triathlon was what he wanted to do.  He had recently transitioned out of Motocross racing after some serious accidents and four weeks after watching the video he did an Olympic distance triathlon near his home in North California.

He now lives in Colorado Springs and races primarily races Olympic and half ironman distance triathlons with the hopes of getting his pro license.  We talk about his journey.

Mendoza Cycling Mendoza Running

TT088: Gut Health With Dr. Grace Liu

Problems with her own health led Dr. Grace Liu down a path which led to her becoming an Dr. Grace Liuexpert in gut health.  Good health is dependent on our digestive system having good bacteria. We talk about how to achieve that and all the things that affect our gut.

Check out TheGutInstitute.com for ways to test your own gut and other products Grace offers.


TT087: How To Win An Age Group National Championship

Alicia Caldwell has raced for 20 years and in 2016 she won her first US National Age Group title.  She’s been gradually improving through the years.  In 2017 she was 19th in her age group and the next year she was 8th.  In 2012 she made the podium with a 3rd place finish at Sprint Nationals, and in 2014 she earned bronze at the World Championships in Canada.

Alicia Caldwell

We talk about her journey in the sport and some of her habits and training methods that have allowed for continuous improvement. 

TT86: Retired Pro Wes Hobson Covering Lots Of Things

Wes Hobson was one of the top triathletes of the 1990s.  He turned pro in 1990 and retired in 2001.  In his second year as a pro he was competing with and sometimes beating the Big Four: Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Scott Molina, and Mike Pigg.  During his career he was named Triathlete of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee, won 35 races, and was the first American to win an ITU World Cup Triathlon.  Wes Hobson

He talked about transitioning into the sport from collegiate swimming to racing with the fastest triathletes in the world.  Along the way he dealt with chronic fatigue and enduring a nine month period in 1997 in which he could barely train.  This was preceded by an 8 week period of high volume and an absurd amount of high intensity training.   In a period of 2-3  weeks he suddenly came out of it.  He got coaching from Joe Friel and was a contender to qualify for the US Olympic team in 2000 but missed out.

He retired in 2001 but since then has kept busy with many different business pursuits, including
a very successful career in real estate in Boulder.  He talks about that transition and how
continuously following his passion has led to success and fulfillment.


For Boulder area real estate contact Wes at W...@RealEstateBoulder.com or RealEstateBoulder.com

Wes’ wife, Hayley, at HayleyHobson.com

3StepSolutions.com for small business website, contact management, and more.


TT085: Running & Triathlon Stories I Habits I Lessons

Eric reviews his running career, including his time at Indiana University, and shares a few stories from his triathlon career.  He also talks about important habits for success and what advice he would give to himself at different stages of his career.15 Years of Training Logs

This episode is for my two-year old daughter and my three-year old son so that when they get older they will know more about their Dada.  Hopefully at least some of my listeners will also enjoy it.  

TT084: Swim Total Immersion Founder Terry Laughlin

Terry Laughlin founded Total Immersion at age 29 while he was considering a change of career. He coached kids since age 21 but he had no experience coaching adults until he held his first camp in 1989. The camp was a success and also personally fulfilling for Terry.  A business was born.Terry Laughlin

Total Immersion led to his first book, also titled Total Immersion, camps, ebooks, and a fleet of Total Immersion certified coaches around the world.

We talk about his progression over the years, his favorite Olympic swimmer, Tim Ferris, his suggestions for new swimmers, his articles about financial risk, and a lot more.

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